Langosteria Bistrot

via privata bobbio 2, milano


Holidays experiences

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience at Langosteria on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve in Milan, Paris and St. Moritz!


Private Dining


From the center of Langosteria Bistrot, you can access our Private Dining Room, an intimate space, a separate room one can access through the restaurant’s kitchen. A chance to live the Langosteria experience in a private space, in full control of your rhythm and time. Small groups can enjoy their event in the shared dining room, which features a convivial and vibrant ambience.

the team

The Langosteria Bistrot team is led by Executive Chef Donato Di Giuseppe and Restaurant Manager Domenico Bagnato, the longtime face of the Group’s Milanese team.

our signature

Assassina style spillo squids

From the warm currents of the Mediterranean to the Langosteria kitchens, these fabulous baby calamari are lightly breaded and toasted, then doused with a special sauce that gives them some kick: an explosion of flavor that calls for another bite. A unique treat!