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Enrico Buonocore

Steamed lobster with julienned vegetables

The queen of crustaceans

A sophisticated and extremely complex dish, where the trick is to not overwhelm the delicate flavor of one of the world’s most sought-after crustaceans, the rock lobster.This dish is designed to underscore and enhance the flavor of this premium crustacean, accompanying it with steamed vegetables and an oil and vinegar dressing as the only condiment.

Assassina style spillo squids

They’re tiny, but they pack some punch, don’t underestimate them!

From the warm currents of the Mediterranean to the Langosteria kitchens, these fabulous baby calamari are lightly breaded and toasted, then doused with a special sauce that gives them some kick: an explosion of flavor that calls for another bite. A unique treat!

Red tuna carpaccio with aubergines, tomato and basil

A dish whose parts add up to a surprising whole

The secret of this recipe lies in its quartet of essential ingredients: tuna, basil, tomato and eggplant. To top everything off, the magic of “Mediterranean sauce”, a symphony of sun-kissed tomatoes, capers, anchovies and extra virgin olive oil.

King Crab 2007 Special Edition

The new Special Edition of Langosteria’s iconic royal dish

7 ingredients go into making the exclusive sauce for the Special Edition of King Crab à la Catalan. Extra virgin olive oil, wild berries, mustard, salt, aromatized vinegar, pureed dried tomatoes and a seventh... secret ingredient. The vegetables that characterize the dish instead remain unchanged: Camone tomatoes, peeled and sliced celery and crisp red onion. The dish is presented in a new robe, fit for the “King” of Langosteria. The presentation lets the client recognize all the components clearly and continue to enjoy the taste of this dish, as in the past.

Linguine with tuna bottarga, raw scampi and lime

A flavor conflagration!

A dish with character, whose ingredients explode on the palate: the unmistakable taste of tuna roe, sharp and clear, and the raw scampi, served at room temperature, set off a flicker of flame on the palate, contrasted by a sharp note of lime. A memorable sensation.

Orecchiette with fava beans cream and Seafood

From Apulia with love. A classic poor man’s dish becomes symbolic

Apulian tradition in a plate, with fresh orecchiette, shellfish and cream of fava beans. A spoonful will transport you to magical Apulia; a dish you absolutely cannot pass up!

John Dory with pickled red endive and caper sauce

The finest fish from dock to dish

Our menu features dishes created especially for our clients, depending on the best catch of the day, to make the Langosteria experience unbeatable.
After selecting the best fish on the market, the expert hands of our Chefs extract the heart of the filet so our clients can enjoy the best part of a ten-pound fish. 3 ingredients make up this dish. 3, the perfect number, uniting creativity and simplicity in all our dishes: fish, vegetables and sauce.

Catalana style langoustine with tomato trio coulis

The beguiling flavor of scampi meets the sweetness of tomatoes

A fresh and delicious dish, a classic seafood combination composed of ‘surf and turf’ ingredients. The sweetness of the three-tomato coulis blends with the unmistakable taste of scampi, lightly roasted, resulting in a delectable union of flavors that range from the sweetness of tomato to the savory taste of celery, topped off by a spiced note of chili pepper.

Smoked spaghetti with rock lobster and Amalfi lemons

All of Italy in a single dish

The flavor of the slow-smoked flour meets the sweetness of the rock lobster: a perfect combination that makes one of Langosteria’s most popular classics unique and unforgettable. A pinch of zest from an Amalfi lemon adds the final touch! A triumph of Mediterranean cuisine.

Langoustines and foie gras tartare with sauternes reduction

Earth and heaven find the perfect match. The pact is sealed with scampi and foie gras

The stroke of genius in this dish is the balance between three precious ingredients: scampi, foie gras and a reduction of Sauternes. Three ingredients whose union spells perfection, the achievement of the essence of flavor, with a sprinkling of crisp Apulian chili pepper to provide the final touch.

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