APRIL 2023
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The joy
of traveling

There are moments when everything becomes clear,
when an incomplete sketch becomes a finished painting.
These are moments of intuition and insight, when a spark
illuminates solutions and creates a work of art.

For Langosteria, one of these moments occurred when struck by the image of a hot-air balloon. The entrepreneurial vision was well-defined, but how could its essence be conveyed?

In a world of immediacy, what would a desire to fly away symbolize?

A hot-air balloon re-creates the perfect scenario, exactly what Langosteria would like its clients to experience: a journey to the heart of Italian gastronomic excellence, in a lighthearted atmosphere, convivial and limitless.

Like a hot-air balloon, the company founded by Enrico Buonocore continues its adventure beyond national borders, inviting the world to discover the rhythm of Mediterranean cuisine, its inimitable excellences and verve.

And today, after years of expansion and new openings, the hot-air balloon remains the symbol of Langosteria, referenced in the interior décor schemes of all the group’s locations.

Dreamlike and brightly colored, simple yet beautiful and evocative.

These pieces are made by hand, by Carla Protti, a Ligurian artisan based in Camogli. Carla, specialized in working with ceramics, papier mâché and recycled materials, was chosen by Langosteria to design and realize an original model of a hot-air balloon
for the brand.

During a recent conversation at the Paraggi restaurant, Carla reminisced about her meeting with Enrico: “When Enrico asked me to make an exclusive model of a hot-air balloon to be displayed at all his restaurants, I was shocked and amazed.

businessmen are not always sensitive to art. To me, a hot-air balloon symbolizes an open mind, soaring slowly and naturally.”

That is the same flight that greets Langosteria’s clients, each and every day, with departures from the locations in Milan, Paris, Paraggi and St. Moritz.