february 2023
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maurizio zanella & Ca' del bosco
Art and perfection in winemaking

work 01/

Cancello solare (solar gate)

Realized in 1987 by Arnaldo Pomodoro, considered the greatest contemporary italian sculptor. The circular structure is 5 meters in diameter and opens into two semicircles weighing 25 quintals each.

The sculpture, located at the entrance to Ca’ del Bosco, was commissioned by Maurizio Zanella, who asked Arnaldo Pomodoro to craft a gate that represented an emblematic entry to the vineyards and the entire estate.

The circular gate, whose upward-pointing rays resemble arrows, represents and introduces the celebration of the relationship between wine and art: a great sun, because, as Zanella is fond of saying, “The real nourisher of the vines is the sun, whose rays illuminate and warm the gentle hills of Ca’ del Bosco”.

work 02/

codice genetico(Genetic code)

Realized in 1999 by Rabarama, pseudonym of Paola Epifani.
The sculpture appears to be in a suspended state, or slowly awakening from unconsciousness, physical and mental.

The facial expression is delicate, alluding to a fragility of the soul that is accentuated by a very unusual “skin”, made of colored pieces of jigsaw puzzles. A scaly epidermis that conceals codes and cyphers. A screen and a shield, a text to be read or a map to be deciphered. The fragments act as a filter and border between exterior and interior, while still delineating the figure’s nudity.

work 03/

eroi di luce (Heroes of light)

The work, realized in 1991 by Igor Mitoraj, is a sculpture of a severed head in white Carrara marble, with an insert of a veiled head.
The artist’s vision is sincere and harsh: “I am not concerned with the viewer,” says Mitoraj, “I express myself through fragments because the part you can’t see is far more important.

The statue is a luminous fragment, set apart from the structure of the wine cellar. Framed by the sky, its white marble shines when the light hits it in a certain way.

work 04/

il peso del tempo sospeso (The weight of suspended time)

Realized in 2003 by Stefano Bombardieri.
The positioning of the work at the entrance to the vinification area of the wine cellars is striking: a full-sized rhinoceros suspended from the ceiling in a bold hyper-realist gesture.

The animal is a symbol of vitality and energy, yet here it is entangled, making us reflect on the nature of still life, and in the end it is shocking, leaving an intense and violent impression.

work 05/

water in dripping

Realized in 2016 by Zheng Lu, the work reproposes the intrinsic bond between the sculpture and the literary texts that inspired its realization.

The artist chose a composition by the famous Tang dynasty poet, Pai Chu-I (also known as Bai Juyi), which provides the textual element of the sculpture.Through the exploration of the natural flow of water, the poem, incorporated in the shapes of the work, narrates a symbolic journey through nature-mobility.

Towering and graceful, very attractive, the installation also stands out for the soft illumination, interrupted by sudden flashes that emphasize the contours of the entire structure.